Katharos-” A Heart That is Singular to the Purpose of God”

Twenty Years ago, with the dawning of  “Social Media”, our ability to communicate with one another radically changed in a moment’s time. The vastness of our world seemed to dissolve overnight into a vast array of new terminology. Gone were the days of the telephone hanging on the kitchen wall; replaced by such terms as “Facebook, username, twitter, tags, blogging, cell phones, and the like. And while most of us would agree that our gadgets are quite helpful, the advent of the Internet has brought about a social transformation that has blurred the lines socially, morally, and spiritually of the character and fabric of this great nation.
So then, why do I want to toss my hat into the ring, so to speak, by adding my thoughts through my weekly blog called “Katharos?” The answer can be found in the previous paragraph. From my vantage point of being a “Christ Follower” for nearly fifty years, I want to share the knowledge that I have gleaned from many experiences- good and  bad, that I might help to bring Biblical clarity to those tough issues that we are facing today in our culture. By no means am I claiming that I have all the answers, nor do I expect you reading my thoughts to always agree with me, but it is my heart’s desire that our hearts come in alignment with His and hopefully together that Truth can set us free!
“Katharos”-It is all about our Heart becoming like His. The English translation for this word is “pure”. It means being free from anything that soils or corrupts. The Sixth Beatitude of The Sermon on the Mount is where we see this word used. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” While this verse is often used to denote, “one who is free from the pollution of guilt and sin,” the term “heart” in both the Old and New Testament sense refers to man’s innermost soul. Simply stated then, the eye of those pure in heart becomes free from anything that would cloud or impede it’s understanding in the pursuit of truth, which in turn brings clarity of thought and purpose. Within this sermon, Jesus explains the pure in heart as the eye single to the truth. And if the eye is single towards the truth, the body is full of light and the confusion and blurred lines cease!
My Purpose therefore, is very simple. I want to encourage each of us to develop a heart that is single to the truth of the Gospel by unraveling complex issues clouded by our present culture and media bias, and growing us in obedience to hear that clarion trumpet sound and discerning His voice over the roar of the crowd . Hang with me; I’m not sure of where He is taking me on this journey, but one thing I do know is that when we know His Heart on an issue, the blurred lines fade in the face of His justice and truth. My desire is to blog weekly, and I welcome your comments and questions.My first blog will follow soon.Zack Rinehart_00000008Jack Rinehart

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