When is it the Right Time to Stay Home on Election Day?

When I was born, “Give ’em Hell” Harry Truman was in the oval office. Then, as a child, I don’t remember too much about Dwight Eisenhower except that he gave really boring speeches. But then again, how much can a six year old understand when it comes to the economy and world events? All I know is that he always seemed to be on the tv screen when I wanted to watch “I Love Lucy” or “Gunsmoke”. Then came the early 1960’s and Camelot. As a young teenager, John Kennedy embodied all that I wanted to become. And I can say today that I am in ministry (public service) because of the vision, charisma, and zest for living that JFK embodied. Even now, after Dallas, 53 years ago, the pain is still there.

I remember Lindon Baines Johnson’s Great Society and it’s incredible failure in changing the course of economics in America’s inner cities. He also gave us Viet Nam and massive division among Americans politically. Then there was “Tricky Dick” Nixon and Watergate, which now pales in comparison to the criminal activity enveloping America’s political landscape today. Gerald Ford followed and then Jimmy Carter, who had a big heart but no understanding whatsoever in running an enterprise as big as the American Government.

Who can forget Ronald Regan! I became one of  those Regan Democrats , when at the Berlin Wall, Mr. Regan stared Russian president Gorbachev down by proclaiming,”Mr. President, tear this wall down!” Regan was far from boring-often falling asleep during cabinet meetings, but he restored American exceptionalism and dignity lost during the Carter years.

The Bush Years, father and son, contained a myriad of issues producing a mixed bag of results that is not my point of discussion here. This leads us to the past 8 years and President Obama’s “Change that we can Believe in” slogan for American Society. History will be the judge as to whether that  Promise has been fulfilled.

Personally, there were many republican presumptive nominees that I liked better than the nominee the voters picked. I thought that Marco Rubio had those Kennedy like qualities that touched my heart back in the 60’s. I liked Dr. Ben Carson, but knew that his inexperience would, in the end, be his downfall. I would have even liked John Kasich or Carly Fiorina, but again, the voters saw differently.

So, I am back to my original Question. When is the right time to stay home on election day? I can say that without hesitantly, THIS IS NOT THE TIME! Like many of you, the stories, some true  and others exaggerated, the language, and lewd actions are not qualities that I would expect from a President of the United States. So this time, I am not voting for a man or woman (a third party vote is a wasted vote) but for a party platform that the Party’s head fully endorses.There are 5 reasons why I believe that America’s destiny for the next 2-3 generations will be enormously impacted by who is the next president. For the sake of my children and grandchildren, I am sharing my heart!

Someone said to me today that we have made it through the last eight years, and nothing will change with this election. I beg to differ with anyone echoing this particular point of view for theseZack Rinehart_00000008Jack Rinehart reasons. First-the next president will appoint 2-3 supreme court justices. If the Progressive Left wins the election, the constitution will not be interpreted by the letter of the law but shredded as it has been during the past 8 years. Late term abortion, which consists of ripping a living human being from it’s mother’s womb as late as nine months, will be the law of the land, as well as the second amendment being legislated out of existence. Secondly, as bad as illegal immigration is today, the Democratic candidate wants totally open borders where 600 million people south of the border would have open access to our country. We only have to look at Western Europe today to see what border-less countries has produced. Vast parts of Major European cities today have little or no police presence because Sharia Law has replaced western courts. Whole inner city populations are slaves to religious fear and crime. It is also interesting that the Democratic Party wants to increase 550% non-vetted Refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. I might add that if you are Christian, you need not apply. 96.5% of immigrants are non Christian.

Thirdly, the Republican nominee wants to cut corporate taxes from 39 to 15 %, while the left wants to raise taxes on the rich, who already pay over 70% of all taxes. Ronald Regan followed a lower tax policy , and our economy boomed. Our inner cities don’t need more rhetoric about more taxing, but need jobs, modernized infrastructure, and hope. The Republican nominee has pledged 500 billion dollars to make our cities Great Again.

Fourth-NAFTA-the North American Free Trade Organization, signed by former President Bill Clinton has ravaged American companies all over the country-costing America millions of good paying jobs. Now the Trans Pacific Partnership is staring us in the face. Potential President Trump has  promised to renegotiate the first and cancel out the second.

Finally, and most significantly, our approach to military preparedness as well as a genuine understanding of the dangers we face will be a major challenge for the next president. As we have learned ISIS is no jv team and the recent Iranian Nuclear deal will give Iran nuclear weapons within 8 years and go down in History as the most dangerous and horrendous deal ever signed by an American Secretary of State or signed off on by the President of the United States. Also, need I mention Benghazi or a host of other failed foreign policies over the past 8 years-with many of those failures placed in the lap of the secretary of state.

To all of my liberal friends that I will still Love Wednesday Morning, don’t write and tell me why my points are wrong but give me facts as to why! Let me conclude by challenging you to vote your conscience, but be sure your conscience considers which party platform honors your values. Like King Cyrus and Samson in the past, God has used less than stellar examples of righteousness to bring about His Will. With all of my heart, I feel that this is one of those times.But putting it all aside, I am thankful that politics and political leaders will come and go–But my hope is in Jesus Christ who has given me wisdom to discern the signs of the times and act appropriately!
















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