For God’s Sake-Give the Man a Chance!

For me, Facebook and Social Media used to be an interesting adventure into the hearts and minds of fellow bloggers and posters, but it’s not so much fun anymore. While it has provided avenues of communication the likes of which the world has never seen before, it has increasingly been corrupted by self principled zealots of rancor and hatred pushing their personal bias based agendas that leave no room for discussion and understanding of others points of view.  It has been a tremendous blessing for me to connect with friends all over this great land and world, but putting those joys aside-Social Media has become an agent of strife, division, and twisted Truth-separating families and life time friendships.As Believers, we shouldn’t be surprised, because Jesus warned us about the Great Deceiver and Deception that would characterize the Last Days. But that is a story for another day.

What seemed like such a blessing at inception , has turned into something that our Founding Fathers could have never dreamed of when they coined First Amendment Rights. With freedom of speech in mind, those founders, in writing the Declaration of Independence  and U.S. Constitution, envisioned healthy give and take debate that would strengthen this holy alliance of the people and it’s governing body-where respect for the order of law, others opinions, and the rule of majority would be respected and a stronger Democracy forged.

Today those principles of fairness, respect, and decency seemingly are vanishing before our eyes. No longer do we value healthy debate nor respect differing points of view but instead hide behind computer screens and cowardly shout each other down with tweets, texting, postings, and vicious voice mails. No longer is our goal through discourse to make America a better country for all of our diversity, but instead a hopelessly divided country where the most important thing has become “my” bias and opinion, often times without regard for the Truth, being proclaimed with vulgar, indecency, and bigotry.

Without calling it such, many Americans are falling prey to a spirit of Anarchy which has become evident on our streets through the agendas of various movements which value neither life, the rule of law, nor faith based principles. Anarchy, which is being funded world wide by such dubious figures as George Soros and taught in the writings of such men as Saul Alinsky, can be defined as: ” A state of disorder due to the absence or non-recognition nor respect for authority and the rule of law.” It is a state of lawlessness and political disorder that takes place when no one is left to procure or enforce the rule of law. Let me simplify it. What would your neighborhood look like if law enforcement was removed and no one answered your call to 911 at 2:00 am?

Let me bring this home. Mass hysteria fueled by a media bias sold out to destroy this President has commandeered common sense and created a frenzy, in my opinion, the likes of which has not been seen since the Nazi propaganda machine convinced a whole generation of Germans (not all but many) that Jews were not human beings and were the direct reason for Germany’s economic plight and deserved to die. This might be a rather strong comparison to you, but I spent 8 days at Buchenwald with 5,000 ex-Jewish prisoners some time ago, and their stories of how the German press manipulated the masses was and is eerily familiar.

I will be the first to admit that Donald Trump was not my first, second, or even third choice for the presidency, but he won and contrary to the “He’s not my President” rancor, if Hilary would have won, she would be my president, because that is the rule of law and a rebuke to the the black flag (they chose the right color) of anarchy.

When you have a so called Hollywood “star” say at a march for women’s rights that she would like to Blow the White House up; when an editor of a major newspaper declares that the only way to stop Trump is to assassinate him, and when a classroom is given over to a high school student shooting some sort of fake  gun at a picture of the President of the United States so that she could release her pent up feelings- Anarchy is given birth. These are just a few examples of intolerance and fascism taking place, and those guilty need to be dealt with legally and not coddled by lawyers twisting the Truths of First Amendment rights. A TV commentator recently said that the rule of law is being returned to this country and those used to breaking it and getting away with it are having a major meltdown.

In conclusion, as Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, all of this can seem like a waste of time and words. Yet we are called to respect our governing authorities and pray for our leaders. President Reagan once said,” If we forget that we are one Nation under God, than we will be a nation gone under.” On September 11th, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, upon leaving the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady, ” Mr. Franklin, what kind of document have you given us?” His reply is one for the ages. “Madam, We have given you a document that if you do two things, it will last for ever. First of all, as a people stand in strong moral character and secondly, remain faithful to God.” Both are under siege. But we will never know if God is up to something, unless we give this President a chance. For God’s sake, he’s only been president for almost two weeks! Let’s stop the rancor and anger and give him that chance!





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