The Velvet Revolution

Now one week after the events, which myself and 3 team members witnessed in Armenia during the Revolution, I’ve had time to process what we actually experienced-Events which none of us will ever forget!

In today’s politically charged atmosphere, when Revolution is mentioned, violence usually follows, but the Velvet Revolution which it’s leader, the new prime minister, Nicholai, has called it, was and is different. Armenia has had governmental corruption at its core for years. It is a country that has suffered from genocide where a little over 100 years ago, 1.2 million Armenians were murdered by the Turks. It’s unemployment rate is astronomical, and the diaspora has led to her people being scattered all over the world; 2 million alone in Los Angeles. So one would expect that a country so scarred would be rife for a violent Revolution. But the Velvet Revolution or revolution that has gone very smoothly, would have none of it.

So, as Americans, what did we learn from these Brave Armenians, who have sought to gain their country back from those who would use her for their own selfish gain?

At the Constitutional Convention,in Philadelphia, during our Countrie’s founding, Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady while leaving the meetings one day, Mr. Franklin, ‘What sort of a document are you giving us?’ Mr. Franklin replied, ‘ My lady, one that will last for many generations, if you base it on two important principles- A strong belief in God and strong moral character.’ Could it be in America that we are socially unraveling because we have walked away from those two principles?

What we witnessed in Armenia, in the mist of a diverse culture, was not unprincipled leaders trying to divide people into tribes or clans that they might war against one another and thus take advantage of chaos, but we saw a people who genuinely love their country and have put her interests first.

Because the love of God is deeply rooted in Armenian culture, we saw the respect for others and respect for human life honored everywhere. If there were instigators trying to take advantage of the moment, they were few and far between, and we didn’t see any! Because their universities and colleges don’t major in teaching radical political stances that only forment strife and division, there were no cars set on fire, rioting on campuses, nor fighting in the streets. The people were not interested in violence for violence sake, nor trying to make a statement by acting like thugs or petty criminals. In short, they were marching for a better life for their children and not for anarchy. While groups like Antifa in America and around the world seek anarchy as a means for what who knows, these Brave Young Armenians were looking forward to a future with renewed hope and change and standing up on its behalf!

Finally, it was a historic moment to be part of a Political Awakening that has a purpose, vision, and Goal-and that being to restore such Godly principles as honesty, integrity, morality, and vision to a country desperately in need of every aspect of Bibkical foundations. Prime Minister Nicholai has declared that Jesus is his hero. He will need his strength, anointing, and wisdom to fulfill the expectations now placed directly upon his shoulders!

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